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Will the Real Mrs. Diddy Please Stand Up

In: Music

Posted By: Vodka Tonic at 10:10 am

4 Mar 2010

P Diddy


Police in New York have arrested a woman claiming to be the wife of unmarried hip hop star P Diddy.

Cemelia Green was released today on $5000 bail after trespassing onto a property she mistakenly believed to be the rapper’s home.

It’s the second time Ms Green has been seen at the house, though she fled after being confronted by a maintenance worker on the first occasion last month.

She claimed to be married to the rapper and producer who is thought be worth around £233m.

Later that month, she asked local police for directions to his house, but was refused.

The star has so far refused to comment on the incident.

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I just wanna know what this ho’s plan was. That Diddy was just gonna stroll out of his mansion so twisted on Ciroc that he just wouldn’t know the difference? Ms. Greene, that was a terrible plan.

Another theory (which also happens to be my theory) is that P-Diddy is an idiot and this is the most interesting piece of news I’ve seen about him since he decided to change his name to P-Diddy. Okay, that’s not so much a theory as it is a fact….

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