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“Gingers Do Have Souls”

In: Youtube

Posted By: Vodka Tonic at 12:13 pm

4 Mar 2010

We all react to South Park in our own way. Some laugh, others create a hilarious video defending the existence of gingers’ souls. I thought this kid was faking at first. I figured “There’s no way he can be serious. This is completely ridiculous,” but then again…how could anyone who was NOT being utterly serious also keep a straight face throughout this rant? WARNING: this video is terrifying.

Needless to say, this video got quite a response from the YouTube community. He was hit with kinds of comments that you really don’t get to see anywhere else besides YouTube. I mean, here you have this poor, tormented kid bearing his innermost feelings and you’ve got people like “thenicholasscott” droppin’ bombs like “LMAO you dont have a soul!!! but you do have the ability? to make me shit my pants from laughing.”

The good news is, he went on to address all such haters directly:

Yeah, his arguments are a bit repetitive, and seem to revolve around the central theses of “I don’t care” and “Shut up” but he makes his point clear, and I respect that.

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  • alk

    that was an amazing lollercoaster

  • AJ

    Seriously though, who gave smalls a camera?

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