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Don’t Watch This Video. I’m Serious, Don’t Watch It.

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Posted By: The Booze at 2:44 pm

3 Mar 2010

Sorry I haven’t been too active bringing you content today, but I’ve been scouring news sources for Bruins trade rumors and I’m basically losing my mind. Seidenberg is definitely a nice addition, but I would really really like another move here in these last 15 minutes. If this team doesn’t improve, then they will be eaten alive by the top teams in the league, much like the rats in this video. Seriously you don’t want to watch this video.

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  • JPizzle

    And yet we all will watch this video. Regretting that I did however. I didn't make it too far before I got to the point where I skipped to random parts, which is a bad call considering I ended up at the point where one of the mice got ripped in half and somehow still managed to swim somewhat away with half of his body. Absolutely disgusting.

  • cory33

    My girlfriend freaks out when a wildlife show is on and lions or gators are doing what it takes to survive. I called her over in the middle of this and she ran away screaming. Even the “they were rats” isn't working. It is going to take hours of work to get laid now.

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