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Dexter could be the next Riddler?

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Posted By: Alfred K at 1:22 pm

26 Feb 2010

Christopher Nolan is coming back to do to a sequel to The Dark Knight and make his Batman series a trilogy. That’s good news, because there’s at least one villain left who is tailor made for Nolan’s style — the Riddler. Gary Oldman has even hinted that the Riddler will be the baddie in the third installment. If Nolan was born to bring a Zodiac-style Riddler to the screen, Michael C. Hall was born to play that character. Anyone who’s seen his work as the titular character on Dexter knows that.

Imagine this scenario: Commissioner Gordan and the rest of Gotham City’s finest continue to hunt public enemy No. 1 — the Dark Knight himself. If that wasn’t enough for the Caped Crusader to handle, he also has a new archenemy — the Riddler. While the Joker thrived in the spotlight, the Riddler lurks in the shadows. If the Joker was a dog chasing cars, the Riddler is something more camouflaged, more cannibalistic. He’s the praying mantis.


OK obviously this would be skeet-tastic. Michael C. Hall is a pretty hella underrated actor, seeing how he can only seem to score roles in lame movies like Gamer (maybe it was good?, havent seen it). Jim Carrey brought shame to the joker character, who knows how badass this new movie is gonna be, Dexter all coming up with the most maniacal ideas to fuck with Batman’s mind.

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