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Which Fake Flashlight Is Better? The Machine Gun Or The Sex Toy?

In: Random

Posted By: The Booze at 9:58 am

25 Feb 2010

I’m gonna go with the machine gun. Real chicks dig machine guns, thus alleviating any need for a fake vagina.

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  • al k

    yea but who needs real chicks when u got fake ones?

  • sex toys

    hmmm, let me think, why in the world would chicks dig fleshlight when they can have a man with a machine gun

  • Miaka Moto

    The fleshlight Sex Toys supposed to be for men who wants to masturbate at a higher level

  • Adult Sex Toys For Less

    I will go for a fleshlight sex toy because I know it's a quite replica organ of a women which is wet and can be change in different sizes that can make the masturbation stands out to reach the maximum peak of the sexual urges.

  • Sex Toys For Couples

    I go for the sex toy which is the flesh light and not the machine gun because sex toy is cool and cute stuff to have with.

  • Doc Johnson

    Holy smokes, good for fleshlight for making an Avatar version.

  • Sex Toys For Women

    The avatar version of fleshlight is really cool but it's quite scary because of the color, unrealistic to the real vagina :)

  • Lelo Gigi Pink

    I still go with the sex toy figure rather than the machine gum because sex toys for me are cute compare to a machine gun. Machine gun have a look of violence :)

  • Angela

    I think the sex toy is way better than the machine gun well if you are a man, besides a machine gun might just cause you legal problems.

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