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American Psycho…the Musical?

In: Movies

Posted By: Doc Holliday at 1:43 pm

9 Feb 2010

Ladies and Gentlemen, American Psycho the Musical is happening. How it will convert to the big stage will remain to be seen. Duncan Sheik’s signed on to pen the book, which promises for some solid songwriting. My biggest concern is that most of the charm of the film — and for that matter the book — revolves around ’80s pop like Huey Lewis and Phil Collins. Patrick Bateman’s now iconic maniac diatribes about the cheestastic balladeers are pretty pivotal to the plot. I would have been concerned that it might have turned into some sort of Mamma Mia splashfest instead of something more along the lines of Assassins or Sweeney Todd. Gruesome bloody murder and musical theatre actually go wonderfully well, and I think song work can really add to the buoyant insanity of the musical. (via pajiba)

I’d say there’s about a 75% chance that the producers are going to fuck this idea up completely.  But then there’s that sneaky 25% chance where a smart writer and a good musician could turn this concept into Broadway gold.  I mean if Legally Blond could do it, Patrick fucking Bateman should be able to pull it off as well.  The only way it would be worth seeing is if they keep the violence from the movie.  Bateman chopping Paul Allen in the head with an axe, accompanied by a blast of some crazy phantom of the opera organ music, dramatic lighting, the actor playing Bateman maniacly overacting because he’s allowed to because he’s in a play.  That’s a recipe for some spicy meatballs.  And as the ultimate fan of 90′s music, you’re damn right I like Duncan Sheik.  I just hope the man knows how to pen a musical, especially a musical based on a movie filled with 80′s music.  May I make a recommendation for the male lead?

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    I am a huge fan of this song, I'm glad someone else has heard of him. The other songs on his EP are very good too. But this kid would be perfect for the role of Patrick Bateman in a musical

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