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Getting To Know…Megan Hauserman

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Posted By: Thurgood Jenkins at 2:55 pm

25 Jan 2010

I’m back motherfuckers! I know it’s been a while since good ol’ Thurgood Jenkins posted anything but I’ve been pretty busy getting blackout drunk and being a lazy piece of shit. But I’m back now so enjoy Megan Hauserman. I have no idea why she’s famous but she’s pretty hot and wants us to know it. Click the link for more pictures.

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  • JPizzle

    She was on this show called Megan Wants A Millionaire. I only know this because I worked with this kid who was on the show. Well he got voted out the first episode. And then the season ended after maybe 3 or 4 episodes because one of the contestants killed his ex-wife and then killed himself in Canada when he was confronted as a suspect.

    Also, this chick is dumb as bricks.

  • al k

    haha, she does kind of have a dead look in her eye, like she is incapable of learning.

    its sad when these reality tv shows go awry…

  • Shane Pleasance

    Just saw you playing Scramble – LOL yes it does work well done

  • shanepleasance

    Just saw you playing Scramble – LOL yes it does work well done

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