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This week in idiots…

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Posted By: Doc Holliday at 7:21 pm

19 Jan 2010

(ananova) A German man who bid £1,400 to win a night of passion with a stunning model was distraught to find out his ‘date’ was a teenage boy running an online scam. Stefan Koch, 27, turned up at the model’s flat to collect his prize but instead of the promised beautiful woman found only 17-year-old Dieter Muhr.

Mr Koch, from Erlangan, said: “I saw the auction on the internet and put in a bid straight away. I watched every day for a week to see if anyone would outbid me but no one did and when I realized I had won I started preparing for the big night. I admit I did find it a bit strange that I got no reply to my emails to the model when I found out I had won but on the auction site there was an address and a date for the night of passion so I thought she was just trying to set a mood of mystery for the night. I loved it and decided to just turn up at the address. But when I got there I found some spotty little kid with a laptop instead of a beautiful model. I realized I’d been ripped off and called the cops straight away.”

Police say Muhr faces charges of fraud and deception.

This story reminds me of the Seinfeld episode “The Comeback,” possibly my favorite of all time.  Jerry deals with Milosh, the secretly terrible tennis instructor, Kramer decides he needs a living will in case of a coma, and George delivers the “shrimp” comeback to Riley.  Then of course, Elaine thinks she’s starting a tragic romance with a video rental place worker who shares her taste in movies, only to find out Vincent is a pimple-faced teenager masking his true identity.  If Dieter had planned this whole thing out a little better, he would have had idiot Stefan Koch bring him a bottle of vodka, cigarettes, and fireworks, too.

On a side note, gotta love the irony of Stefan’s last name.

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    I'm a huge fan of the shot of Pigpen having an intimate 'lesbian chat room' conversation with Jim Dangle


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