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Motorists Calling 911 Over Billboard Mannequins

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Posted By: The Booze at 9:20 am

19 Jan 2010

NBCA life-sized man and teddy bear perched atop a billboard on Interstate 95 are prompting alarmed drivers to dial 911.

Concerned motorists who spotted the pajama-clad male mannequin and the teddy bear on top of a Connecticut billboard worried that the odd pair was real and was in danger of toppling over.

The billboard is an ad for overnight test drive being hawked by BMW of Bridgeport, Conn. The figures were lifted to the top of the billboard about two months ago, the Associated Press reported.

“For whatever reason, it’s working because people are looking at it,” the dealership’s general sales manager, Tim Coughlin, told The Connecticut Post.”It has become distinctive and sort of like a signature.”

If I was those cops I’d just fuck with people when they called in about it…

“Ma’am, what did you say your name was? Ok, Cindy hold on for just one second please…OK BOYS, WE HAVE A CRACK HEAD BEHIND THE WHEEL HEADING EAST ON 84. JOHNSON, MAHONE YOU’RE MY AIR SUPPORT. PHILLIPS YOU’RE COMING WITH ME!…Ok, Cindy thanks for holding. Now how many suicidal teddy bears did you see?”

“Oh, yea don’t worry about it, that’s just David Blaine trying to be relevant again.”

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