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This Dude Threatened Someone’s Life? No way!

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Posted By: The Booze at 10:58 am

15 Jan 2010

Scott Bar, Calif.A Scott Bar man is in custody after he allegedy threatened to kill a fellow Scott Bar resident who offered him a ride when he ran out of gas, a Siskiyou County Sheriff’s Office news release stated.

According to the release, a Scott Bar man reported that as he was traveling south on Highway 96 north of the Scott River Road turnoff on Jan. 6, he came across a camouflage pickup that he recognized as belonging to a man he knew only as Aron, who lives in the Scott Bar area.
Shortly after passing the pickup, he said he saw Aron, later identified as Aron Johnson,  46, of Scott Bar, walking along the roadway and stopped and offered him a ride, as Johnson said he had run out of gas. He said after they turned off of Highway 96 onto Scott River Road headed toward Scott Bar, Johnson became aggressive and started acting erratically, saying he was in Delta Force and they were coming here and there were going to be dead bodies.

According to the release, Johnson then threatened to kill the Scott Bar man and his family, as well as the police. The man said he feared for his life, so he pulled over and told Johnson to take his car. He said Aron then drove away in the man’s car.

Every once and a while I try to be a good samaritan and help others, but I draw the line when a person sketches me out. This guy may have met “Aron” before, but the fact that he didn’t know his last name tells me they weren’t great friends. My guess is the only reason he recognized this guy’s car is because it sits in the lot of the parking lot of the local dive bar 14 hours a day.

I don’t know how anybody could look into Aron’s eyes and not see the craziness within. The guy drives a camouflage pickup and has never combed his hair. If he isn’t the real-life version of Gary Busey’s character in Black Sheep then I don’t know who is. Actually, maybe Gary Busey himself has that covered.

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