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Al K’s Top TV Shows of the Decade

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Posted By: Alfred K at 10:49 am

9 Jan 2010

#1 The Wire

It took me awhile to get into this show, but it really is outstanding. Every aspect of city life in the war zones of Baltimore is detailed almost painstakingly.

#2 Sopranos – Set the bar for unfiltered drama with a great ensemble cast. The popularity of this show has allowed HBO to invest in so many great shows over the years.

#3 Dexter – The drama of this show (especially this past season) has really torn me apart. Barely a scene is wasted in this intense drama based around a crime scene investigator in Miami.

#4 Lost – speaks for itself really. This one really fleshes out a lot of the “stranded on a forgotten island” fantasies I have, with so many twists and turns in each episode.

#5 Big Love – Very underrated show. Extremely gripping drama that follows the day to day life of a successful Mormon businessman and his 3 wives. Of course polygamy is wrong, but you cannot help but to identify with all of the main characters in this show and the daily struggles they go through.

Honestly, if you haven’t watched any of these shows but you are up to date with lame shows like “Bones”, “CSI” or “Cougar Town”, you are fuckin’ up. Lost is available free on Hulu (or on youtube if you want the short version) and the rest I would recommend to rent / purchase.

Merry 2010, that concludes my “Best of…” series. Until 2020….

Note: as you can see, this list is only about “drama” TV shows. If I included other genres like comedy it would have been to hard!

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