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Lucic In, Bergy and Savard Out = Not A Fair Trade

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Posted By: The Booze at 10:26 pm

7 Jan 2010

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I may be one of the most optimistic Bruins fans in town, but even I’m brimming with frustration tonight. This team will go from having a great game one day to looking like a goddamn joke the next. Stop making excuses about playing good teams. There’s no time to cry about injuries either. People have to step up and put pucks on net. It’s time I call out a few players…

  • Lucic, I realize it was your first game back from injury, but what the fuck? You looked like you’d never completed a pass before. And if you’re going to suck it up as a playmaker, at least bring the pain. Earn some of that contract, jerk.
  • Chara, stop playing with your dick in our defensive end. It’s been games since you’ve made a clean breakout pass. You clearly don’t have the stick-handling skills to dangle away from a forechecker, so get rid of the puck earlier, asshole. And where the hell is your offensive production? We need some clutch power play goals from the point once in a while.
  • Wideman, you just suck. Figure it out.
  • Paille, stop wasting our best scoring chances. This may involve a lot of sitting on the bench.
  • Ference, why did you have to get hurt and ruin your trade value?

I could have mentioned a couple more guys like Ryder and Sturm, but they’ll hit a hot streak soon enough. If they follow the lead of Blake Wheeler, they will be back on track in no time. The bottom line is that someone needs to step up in Bergeron’s absence. We continue to fall further and further behind Buffalo in the division race and they have shown no signs of stopping. It’s crucial the B’s go on a tear before the Olympic break. Giddy up!

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  • adolfosbackfat

    I 98% agree. I have been watching Chara and last night at the game I noticed something that I thought I saw the game before. I think he has a broken hand. He has two of his fingers taped together …

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