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Lamar Woodley Calls Out Pats and Bengals

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Posted By: The Booze at 10:48 am

31 Dec 2009

“Hey Hugh Jackman, check it out, I’m your biggest fan. You want me to blow you?”

PITTSBURGHLinebacker LaMarr Woodley predicts the New England Patriots and Cincinnati Bengals will “lay down” for their virtually meaningless games Sunday because they don’t want the Super Bowl champion Steelers to make the playoffs.

The Steelers (8-7) would reach the postseason for the fifth time in six seasons if they beat Miami, the Patriots defeat Houston, and the Bengals beat the New York Jets. There are other combinations that would get them in, but all include either a New England or Cincinnati victory.

“All of them lay down,” Woodley said Wednesday. “No one wants to see Pittsburgh in it. That’s just how it is. Everybody knows we’re a dangerous team once we get into the playoffs, no matter how we played the whole year. Once we get into the playoffs, the Pittsburgh Steelers is a playoff team.”

“Cincinnati is probably going to go into New York and lay down for the Jets and not play them hard just because they’re not going to want to see Pittsburgh in it,” Woodley said.

Woodley emphasized the Steelers played their regulars during a season-ending 31-0 win over Cleveland last year, despite having nothing to gain other than staying sharp. Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger sustained a concussion but, after a bye week, returned for the playoffs.

“We definitely wouldn’t lay down because it’s a pride thing with us, going out there winning ballgames and shutting teams down,” Woodley said.

Talk about grasping at straws here. The guy is just trying to pull off some reverse psychology bullshit to make his way into the playoffs. But guess what Lamar? It’s not gonna work. Unlike the Steelers, these two teams earned their playoff trips this season. They have every right to “lie down” in week 17 and prepare for the playoffs. I’d rather see them “lie down” than “bend over” for the Chiefs, Raiders, and Browns. Just sayin…

And the fact that he referenced their week 17 game last year to defend his point is laughable. Ben Roethlesberger’s concussion is the biggest example of why you don’t play your starters in a meaningless game (don’t call me a hypocrite, the Colts game last week wasn’t meaningless. They were chasing history). In conclusion: GFY, Lamar.

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