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Mexico’s Island of The Dolls

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Posted By: The Booze at 10:52 am

30 Dec 2009

Oddity Central - Known as “La Isla de la Munecas”, by the Spanish, The Island of the Dolls is perhaps the creepiest tourist attraction in Mexico. Located within an extensive network of canals, south of Mexico City, the island is a place of mystery and superstition.

Almost every tree growing on the island is decorated with old, mutilated dolls that give anyone the feeling that they’re constantly being watched. The story behind the Island of the Dolls began when a hermit by the name of Don Julian Santana moved here. Although he was married he chose to live the last 50 years of his life alone.

Don Julian used to say he was haunted by the ghost of the little girl who had drowned in one of the canals around the island. Some say he used to fish the dolls from the water because he though they were real children, but the truth is he was collecting and placing them around his home as a shrine for the spirit that tormented him. At one point he even traded home grown fruit and vegetables for old dolls.

Ironically, in 2001 Don Julian Santana was found dead by his nephew, in the same canal that he said the little girl drowned in. Now his Island of the Dolls is one of the world’s weirdest tourist attractions. Some tourists who visited this place claim the dolls whisper and you must offer them a gift upon setting foot on the island, to appease their spirits.

You mean to tell me that the Mexican government knew some tax-evading crazy guy was living on an island fishing for children and nailing dolls to tree branches for 50 years and they never made an effort to stop him? Is it also true that in the 9 years since he’s died, they haven’t sent a clean up crew out there to take down all the shit he left behind?

Is Mexico really so boring that homeless hangouts are a main tourist attraction? I remember this creepy homeless guy outside the building I used to work in that left big gulp cups and nudie mags all over the street corner. The cops would come by and make him relocate every couple of days. I reckon if someone had bought him a ticket to Mexico he’d have been a celebrity in no time.

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