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Al K’s Top Songs of the Decade

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Posted By: Alfred K at 3:59 pm

30 Dec 2009

This begins my series of top pop culture categories of the decade.

#1 Rich Boy – Throw some D’s

This song features a straight up butter beat, perfect for the clubs or the streets. Sounds great when drunk or sober. Lyrics is straight ignorant like most good southern rap. But mainly, this beat is super dope.

#2 MIA – Paper Planes

I remember when this first came out I saw it on some random blog. I was like shoot I wish they would play this at the clubs, so I started bumping it at parties. Soon enough it was on the radio 24/7 and still is hot in the clubs today. Even though it got a bit played, still a tremendous song.

#3 G – Spot Boyz – Stanky Leg

Gotta love anytime I’m crunk on the dance floor and this one comes on. This is also the only dance move I can do, giving the song mega bonus points.
#4 Outkast – Ms. Jackson

Definitely an ill song, a classic from probably the top hip hop group of the decade. I debated putting Clipse – Virginia up here.

#5 The Vinyl Cut – One more drink

Shout out to my f-unit homies, recently changed their name to TVC aka the Vinyl Cut.

Happy New Year – Stay Tuned for my top 5 in movies and TV series coming soon.

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