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India bans sex from the internet

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Posted By: Alfred K at 9:39 pm

29 Dec 2009

"Yea, click on that link. That's for the poo-porn."

After China, it is India’s turn to censor the internet. Bing and Yahoo have started censoring sexually explicit content on the internet. You cannot search for anything that is related to vulgarity. You can’t search for “sex discrimination” because it has the keyword “sex”in it.

I know a few guys that emigrated here from India. Boy are they sexually repressed. They get super excited to see a girl’s neck. But because of that, I also get a bit of a rapey vibe. On the other hand, I picked up my little 10 year old brother from his friends house the other day and they were all just watching poo-porn like it aint no thang. Them kids aint never gonna rape cuz they seen it on the TV too often. If any mofo on the corner can do it whats the point? My other point here is, we start banning pornography from the internet, soon enough they be banning Will Smith for “too much jigglin with it”. And you don’t want to see me with no Will Smith.

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