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Aged to Perfection: Julie Benz

In: Aged To Perfection

Posted By: The Booze at 9:00 am

22 Dec 2009

JULIE BENZ is a 37 year-old actress from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. At the start of her career she held minor roles on shitty TV shows like Buffy and Angel. Nowadays she lands parts in bad movies like Saw V and Boondock Saints 2. However, none of that matters because she will always be known as Rita on Dexter (Warning: spoiler ahead). For the past four seasons male Dexter fans have gone nuts over this woman, only to be crushed by this season’s surprise ending. Let’s hope her next career move involves a nude scene.

(Yea, that one’s probably fake)

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  • Joe Bucci

    I've loved her since the “Buffy” days… she's even more beautiful now!

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