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Will This Movie Suck? Iron Man 2

In: Movies

Posted By: The Booze at 8:20 am

17 Dec 2009

I’m not a big comic book guy, so I don’t know all of  Iron Man’s nemeses (is that the plural?). However, I’m fairly certain this “Whiplash” character was a poor choice. I can’t wrap my head around a villian wearing metal bondage gear, MC Hammer pants, and a grill.

And I’m sorry, but I can’t take Mickey Rourke seriously anymore. The man basically reduced his appearance to a roided-up, homeless freak for The Wrestler. I admire his commitment to that role, but you can’t come back from that. You just can’t. The horrible accent isn’t going to help either.

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    Yea, but you are adding Scar Jo to the cast, and that is always a plus.

  • JPizzle

    Agreed with BSP.

    Plus, Nick Fury (aka Samuel L. Jackson) will be playing his first official role as a character in the new comic book movie era, which will set him up for the new Thor, Nick Fury, and The Avengers movies (making an appearance at the end of the first Iron Man movie doesn't count).

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