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Toby Keith pulls a Miley Cyrus and now Asians are offended again.

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Posted By: Doc Holliday at 2:55 pm

16 Dec 2009

MSN Music – Officials from Asian campaign groups have criticized Toby Keith after the country singer allegedly made a “racist hand gesture” at a Nobel Peace Prize party in Norway.  The singer was in Oslo, Norway on Thursday to see Barack Obama handed the prestigious honor, and after the ceremony he joined Hollywood star Will Smith and musician Wyclef Jean for an impromptu rap performance at an after party.  But the trio’s performance of “Rapper’s Delight” has been steeped in controversy after footage from the event surfaced online, and appeared to show Keith pulling back one of his eyes when Smith rapped the word “yellow.”

A representative for Keith has dismissed the criticism, telling, “Nobody at the party thought Toby was out of line.”  But a spokesperson for the Asian American Justice Center has slammed the singer, saying: “Toby Keith embarrassed himself and his country, denigrated the Noble Peace Prize and offended Asians and Asian Americans by using a crude, racist hand gesture.”  While a rep for the Media Action Network for Asians adds, “By doing this, he is telling his Asian fans ‘you don’t matter, you’re not on my radar.’”

When reached for comment, Toby replied, “How do you like me now?”

This story is ridiculous.  We should be applauding Toby for having the stones to even get up on stage with those two guys.  He looked like Michael Jackson at his family Christmas party.  You could tell he had no idea what to do with his hands.  When he tried to think fast and act out the colors/races as Smith said them, he could only think of the “Miley Cyrus” move.  Guy had enough to worry about on that stage, and there was absolutely zero intent to offend.

The spokesman for the Asian American Justice Center, or the AAJC as I like to call it, can shut the hell up.  Dude, that’s what your eyes look like.  And it’s the only hand gesture in existence that immediately links to the Asian race.  If you want people to stop doing the eye pull, then start brainstorming a new move in the secret halls of the AAJC.  Maybe a quick handchop flurry, ala ninjas and Iron Chef.  That’d be almost as cool as the American gesture – the imaginary tip of the cowboy hat – and definitely way cooler than the British gesture – the tea sip with a pinky extended.  I think for the French you do the straightfingered cigarette pull and for Mexico you just take a nap.

Thanks to the Media Action Network for Asians for letting us all know what Toby was thinking.  They don’t understand that when they bring this stuff up, we’re never embarrassed by these incidents, and in fact we kind of enjoy hearing about them.  So its the AAJCs of the world that look like idiots, not Toby, Miley, Joe Jonas, or the Spanish national basketball team.  We should be cherishing racially harmonious moments in Norway.  I don’t think Vikings are known for their diversity.

More Asians being offended after the jump.





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