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Tiger Woods caused Romo and Jessica to Break up?

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Posted By: Alfred K at 11:47 pm

16 Dec 2009

A tabloid magazine is inferring that Jessica Simpson may have had a fling with Tiger Woods after the two were photographed together in July at the AT&T National Pro-Am golf tournament in Bethesda, Maryland. According to a source, “Tiger liked what he saw and let her know it.” Jessica decided to go for it because she knew her relationship with Tony Romo was on the fritz (they announced their break-up two days later) and Simpson wanted to extract revenge. According to the mag, “Jessica said that she felt like Tony wasn’t paying attention to her, so she was like, ‘What the heck!’ She decided to have fun with Tiger whether it bothered Tony or not.”

In an ongoing story like this, tabloids become bibles.  At first I thought that all these girls were coming forward just to capitalize on the original scandal, and gain some temporary fame.  Shit, even I was thinking about coming forward with a saucy Tiger Woods sex story of my own.  But now this story, only because it is so unbelievable, makes me pause to think–what if, in fact, it is all true?

Photo taken after a night with Tiger

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  • Tiger Woods email

    Tiger Woods is no more, nor less human than any of us. He is almost a billionaire, so his dirt is turned into gold by the ethical alchemist of society. Those of you who are so offended by Tiger Woods actions should be reminded that not many of us would pass an examination if placed under the microscope of morality. He is an excellent golfer. Yet, he was and never will be anything more than HUMAN! We all are. Look at it in that light and you'll be less disgusted by this man's actions. Remember, our dirt would be worth sifting through in the river of righteousness if it contained the valuable mineral known as Fame. Here is a video song on Tiger Woods and Jessica Simpson that reveals the truth about their affair

    Lighten up gang and laugh through this. After all, he is a Golfer not a God.

    Malik Jubal

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