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Creepy kid masturbates in front of class

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Posted By: Alfred K at 11:57 pm

16 Dec 2009

Here’s what happened, according to DISD police documents:

A teacher at W.T. White High School in northwest Dallas approached a student’s desk yesterday to check on his art project when she noticed him staring off into space. As the teacher tried to get his attention, the student pulled up his shirt and exposed himself.

The student began to moan and said “aye mami” before beginning to masturbate fervently in front of the teacher and classmates – 30 students, ranging from 14 to 17 years old.

The teacher was unable to stop the student from his continued masturbation and ran out of the classroom to get help from school police. The teacher told investigators that several students later told her “that was very scary,” the police documents say.

Martin Guerrero, 17, (upper right) was arrested yesterday on a felony charge of indecency with a child (the child being his classmates). He’s being held in the Dallas County jail on $5,000 bail.

Kids these days!  If they ain’t banging their 15 year old girlfriends, they are masturbating in front of their whole class!  Ok, any guy will admit they’ve gotten ragers in class.  But you do the right thing with it, flip that shit up and forget about it.  Maybe if your feeling risky, take a quick picture of it and sext the slutty girl in the front row.  But pulling it out in class?  This guy clearly must think he lives in a virtual world.

Speaking of sexting, I can’t wait to sext all of my female fans once I get one of these:

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  • stop masturbation

    That's nasty! That kid should be taught some manners. What are his parents' take on this?

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