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2 Chick Basketball Players Beat Up Male Cheerleader

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Posted By: Thurgood Jenkins at 2:24 pm

14 Dec 2009



. spartan

COLUMBIA, Mo. (AP)The Missouri women’s basketball coach has apologized after two of her leading scorers were arrested on suspicion of misdemeanor assault and indefinitely suspended.

At a regular post-game press conference Sunday, Cindy Stein apologized to the community, the athletic administration and the “whole Mizzou nation.”

Stein confirmed the girls’ suspensions were indefinite. She said more information would be made available “at an appropriate time.”

Senior forwards Jessra Johnson and Amanda Hanneman were arrested Friday. Police have said the two were involved in an argument off campus. The Columbia Daily Tribune reported that the victim was a male cheerleader.

Johnson was averaging 14.1 points per game while Hanneman was chipping in with 13.3 points per game before the suspensions.

Hahaha I love how they slip in the fact that these chicks beat up a male cheerleader at the end like it’s not the funniest thing they’ve ever heard.  Realistically I guess it isn’t that surprising though, and I’m pretty sure most guys you talk to would say they identify more with a chick basketball player than with a dude cheerleader.  At least chick basketball players will check out girls with you.

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