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Japanese Herbivore Men, WTF?

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Posted By: The Booze at 11:02 am

10 Dec 2009


Weird Asia News - If recent trends are anything to go by, Japanese men in their twenties are turning away from macho ideals like muscled bodies and business suits in favor of a more effeminate lifestyle. Dubbed as grass-eaters or Herbivore men, these young folk prefer facials and personal grooming over other activities like dating.

In most cases, Herbivore men are described as the polar opposite of the masculine men of the previous generations. Thus, these young ones who are in their 20s and 30s, disapprove of competitive habits and ambition.

And, unlike the confident nature often expected from a macho man, these young men are painfully shy around women.

Some even say that they are not that interested in sex. Instead, they express a love for sweets and beauty habits like eyebrow plucking.

Ok, wait a minute. So these “men” lack ambition and competitiveness, pluck eyebrows for fun, have no desire to speak to or have sex with women, and prefer facials to dating? And we’re calling them herbivores? I feel like there’s already a few terms out there for these people.

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  • Poor taste

    shoot this is a disturbing trend, the only reason to become a metrosexual was becuz it was a cheap way to get girls to like you. these herbivores just make no sense. on the plus side, this is sure to breed a generation of japanese women who are super horny and can never get some.

  • Daniel Navrotsky

    man, i need to seriously move to japan, i will be the toughest alpha male there

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