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100-Year-Old Pedophile Released From Prison

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Posted By: The Booze at 9:07 am

10 Dec 2009


Sky News - A 100-year-old pedophile has been released from prison in the US despite fears he is still an “active threat” to children. Theodore Sypnier was freed from jail in upstate New York and is being moved from a half-way house to a flat in Buffalo.

Residents say the sex offender should spend the rest of his life behind bars, and fear he will prey on youngsters in the area. ”I want him away from society as long as possible,” Erie County district attorney Frank Sedita told

“It doesn’t matter to me that he’s 100-years-old. He’s evil. He’s a pedophile. Pedophiles are the worst.” Sypnier was charged in 1999 with raping two young sisters, who were aged four and seven at the time.

“Pedophiles are the worst.” Haha, I couldn’t have said it better myself. However, how much damage can this guy do at 100-years-old? He talks a big game, but I doubt he’ll match it. They should just ban him from buying candy and popsicles.

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  • Sorcerer

    Hmmm..Thats the worst crime in the society..
    such ppl should be behind bars!

  • jumebug183rd

    yo me and the pedophile was locked up in groveland back in 2005 to 07,,i my self have a 13, 3, and a one year old me he seemed to be like a regular person he joke, he read the paper alot and he love's cups of suip, and he was real energetic for his old age…man i happin to sneek a look at this man's rap sheet and i came to see that this dude is no joke when it come's to deceving lil kids..this man teddy sypnier has been doing this since the 60s.. yo i cant belive that this socall justice sistem let this pedophile out so that he can do it all again.. it's like they say the good die young and the bad keep's going and going and going…

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