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Husband Injects Sleeping Wife With His AIDS Blood

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Posted By: The Booze at 9:30 am

7 Dec 2009

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TVNZAn HIV-positive man has infected his wife with the virus, which can cause Aids, by pricking her with a sewing needle dipped in his own blood.

The man injected his wife while she slept. It is believed he wanted to give her the disease so she would start having sex with him again, the Sunday Star Times reports.

It is the first case of its kind in New Zealand. Other cases have seen HIV-positive people infect others through unprotected sex.

The man, 35, admitted infecting his wife, 33, and has been remanded in prison awaiting sentence for wilfully infecting another with a disease, an offence that carries a maximum 14 years’ imprisonment.

Listen, I know this is fucked up, but what did she think was going to happen? You can’t cock-block a guy and expect him not to go batshit insane. Everyone knows that, it’s science. You can’t have an exclusive relationship without sex unless you’re old and retired in Florida. Hey wait a minute.

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