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This Week in Snitchery: Christmas Edition

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Posted By: Alfred K at 6:53 pm

6 Dec 2009

DOPEY prison guards unwittingly allowed a convicted drug dealer to grow cannabis in his cell – and even decorate one 4ft plant as a CHRISTMAS TREE.

Gold-toothed Mohamed Jalloh, 28, convinced jail staff that his super-powerful skunk crop was really tomato plants.

He grew it for at least five months while unsuspecting officers and bosses admired his green fingers. And he got so cocky he put festive decorations on one to brighten up his cell at Verne Prison in Portland, Dorset.

Eventually he was grassed up by a jealous inmate – and guards then identified the plants using Google snaps.

Whoever snitched on this honest farmer definitely is gonna get it from this guy:


Its funny to think that none of the officers knew it was a pot plant. Give me a break! Granted, most cops have not gone to college, but you should still realize that tomato plants don’t smell like THE DANKEST SKUNK. Clearly a few of these officers were tokers themselves, and whoever was the biggest smoker got them all together to corroborate the tomato plant story.

But as for the snitch. Really guy? Even if you are anti-drug, I would rather be in jail with a bunch of lazy stoners than with a bunch of fiending gangsters. Try to think next time, dick.

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  • SiberianRat

    I totally agree with your last statement. I bet C.O.s would too.

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