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YouTube Vid Earns Unknown Filmmaker $30M Movie Deal

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Posted By: The Booze at 9:15 am

3 Dec 2009


NewsliteAn unknown filmmaker from Uruguay has been given $30m by Hollywood studio bosses – to turn his $500 YouTube video of a giant robot invasion into a movie

Would-be director Federico Alvarez, who runs a post-production visual effects house in Uruguay, filmed ‘Panic Attack’ with a budget of just $500 in his free time.

The five minute clip – which he then uploaded to YouTube – shows an invasion of Montevideo by giant robots and had special effects which could rival many big budget movies.

Once online it got the attention of thousands of movie fans… and (not surprisingly) studio bosses who wanted to meet with Alvarez to talk about his movie.

The 30-year-old was whisked to LA where he was offered a $1 million directors fee and up to £30 million to make the film, by Mandate Pictures. The plans for the movie are said to have a “compelling original story” beyond big robots blowing stuff up.

Alvarez has also been put up in a new apartment, given a new car and will work with “Spider-Man” director Sam Raimi on developing the film.

That movie was made with $500?? My mind is blown for two very different reasons:
1) $500 is way too much money to spend on a Youtube video. The average cost of a youtube video should be $0. Much like ours.
2) That action movie was way too good to have cost only $500 to make. This director puts Roland Emmerich to shame.

By the way, my favorite part was the at the 2:10 mark. The complete disregard for infant safety during a robot attack showed me this guys’ guts as a director. Well done, Federico. Bravo.

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  • thedoc

    The baby stroller down the steps shot may have been a shout out to The Untouchables.

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