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More Fat People News: Extra Large Toilet Seat For Fat People

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Posted By: The Booze at 9:30 am

2 Dec 2009


NBC - Michael Schmitt is big. Big enough to make the simplest tasks an adventure. Like going to the bathroom.

“I’m 6-foot-7 and I weight about 350 pounds right now,” Schmitt said. “I have broken toilet seats in the past.”

And Schmitt is not alone. For years, big and overweight people have had to lower their backsides gingerly, careful to keep the toilet seat in one piece.

Now, a Los Angeles company is offering the solution: Plus-sized toilet seats. ”As we say, your butt’s not too big, your seat’s too small,” said Scott Kramer, owner of Big John Toilet Seat & Support.

Kramer and his partner, John Weisman, make toilet seats for the plus-sized. They’re larger, stronger and more durable than your standard seat.

“This thing is like a Cadillac,” Schmitt said. “It changed my life. It’s great.”

I guess I should have assumed fat people shat in their Cadillacs. Regardless, hopefully this means less shit on the toilet seat for us normal people. Do fat people even know where their asshole is? or is it more of a guess and check system? It must be a real project for them to wipe up after. Have you ever had one of those miraculous shits when you don’t need to wipe your ass? Fat people have never experienced such a luxury.

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