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How is this website real? Celestial Soul Portraits

In: How is this website real?

Posted By: The Booze at 9:00 am

30 Nov 2009

Arielle – Before


(photo linked)

How it Works

1. You contact Erial Ali - letting him know you wish such a portrait.

2. Erial has a phone consultation with you – where he finds out about you – your interests, your passions, your fascinations, how you “see” yourself.

3. You send Erial a high-quality photo of yourself - an image that you feel is highly representative of “the real you”.    An image that represent how you like to be seen.     This will be Erial’s   ”starting point”.

4. Erial meditates and “tunes into you“, to “get your unique Essence”.

5. Once Erial really “gets who you are”, then, starting from the image you provided, he magically transforms it into a Celestial Soul Portrait of you!

6. Erial mails you a CD of this portrait.     This CD is a very-high quality, very large and high-resolution digital image -  enough detail to print out a VERY LARGE PRINT that looks magnificent.

7. You are then free to use that image on your website, print hi-quality photos of it, or even print hi-quality medium-size posters of it, which you can frame.

Arielle – After


Some guy named Erial Ali has been charging $150-$250 a pop for these “magical” photoshop transformations. The turnaround time for these pieces of shit is listed as “about 1 month.” These obviously don’t take him an entire month to create. I think I have an idea of what his creative process involves. After he meditates, Erial likely beats off to some of these complete strangers. What follows are three weeks of procrastination, 10 minutes of Google image searching, and 10 minutes of air brush work. After printing one copy for his bedroom wall, he mails another copy to the customer. He then, of course, leaves the rectory and shows up for work.

Iasos – Before


Iasos – After


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  • Iluvgod

    Yesss please

  • CD Printers

    Great photo editing.

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