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And The 2009 Best Display Of Pedophilia Award Goes To…

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Posted By: The Booze at 9:20 am

25 Nov 2009

chris hanson

MADISON, Wis. A Wisconsin man transformed his apartment into a pornographic shrine to young girls, arranging mannequins in a sex act, plastering every flat surface with pictures and setting up a bed covered with stuffed animals, investigators said Monday.

Kevin M. Derks’ collection featured photographs of Hollywood starlets, including a poster of actresses Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen with a caption inviting himself to join in sex acts with them, DVDs of child pornography and photos he said he took of girls at local beaches.

Prosecutors charged Derks, 53, of Kenosha, with 20 felony counts of possessing child pornography. His attorney, Nancy Barasch, said she had just learned of the case Monday afternoon and knew little about Derks so far.

They found girls’ underwear, multiple DVDs containing child pornography and girls on Kenosha-area beaches and two sets of partially clad adult- and adolescent-sized store mannequins. One of the mannequins was touching another’s genital area.

The Olsen twins poster included a handwritten note stating the girls were 11. The note called Derks cute and invited him to participate in sex acts with them.

Police also discovered a Hannah Montana lamp with “Make Love to Me Mom” handwritten on the shade. They recovered 21 firearms and ammunition as well.

Every now and then we catch a story about a priest touching a choir boy or a cat downloading kiddy porn to a computer, but never have I come across a report quite as disturbing as this. This guy deserves to be crowned the king of pedophiles. What puts him over the edge? I was going to go with the fake letter from the Olsen twins, but I think the lamp shade message trumps it.

Apparently a 30 day membership to a child porn website from 2006 was what led to a Police investigation of his property. If I was this guy I would have just told the cops I was renting the place from Michael Jackson.

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