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Chief of the Week: Spencer Pratt

In: Chief of the week

Posted By: Doc Holliday at 12:59 pm

24 Nov 2009


Hulk Hogan and Rick Flair get a nod this week for staging a ridiculous fake fight at the weigh-in for their upcoming wrestling match.  You can take a look at the video yourself if you want, but I think you’ll agree that Hulk pulls the old razorblade forehead swipe once he hits the deck.  Shouldn’t these two idiots be playing shuffleboard in Del Boca Vista by now?  The Australians must have gone nuts for these guys down under.  I get the sense that whatever we Americans loved in the late 90s, they’re now loving today.  Wrestling makes them as happy as Blues Traveler’s cassette tapes and Sunny Delight.

Lebron also gets a nomination for this ludicrous comment last week:

“If I put all my time and commitment into it, if I dedicated myself to the game of football, I could be really good, the Cavaliers superstar said before facing the Golden State Warriors on Tuesday night. No matter what team I was on.

He was in that stupid commercial earlier this year that annoyed the shit out of me, too.  The one where he’s dreaming that he’s a Cleveland Brown.  Sorry your highness, you’re still dreaming if you think football refs will give you calls when you start jumping into defenders to draw contact.  The first time you’d go airborne for a pass, Brandon Merriweather would plant you in the ground like a head of lettuce.

Now, onto the champ.

Finally, we have our first repeat Chief of the Week, and it really comes as no surprise that Spencer found his way back into the column.  I have a feeling he’ll be like our Michael Scott and just win an absurd number of Dundies every year.  He takes home the gold for the little show he puts on during the following interview.  Apparently, there’s some big controversy where he and Al Roker keep talking shit to each other on Twitter and The Today Show.  From what I can tell, the Insider panel in this video wants Spenny to admit he’s a douchebag and apologize.  Unfortunately for them, getting an apology out of Spencer is like asking Larry Johnson to respect women…it just ain’t happening.

That TV show is essentially a PG version of this column.  I should send them my resume because clearly they need some assistance.  The guy does the best he can but he’s up against some tough obstacles in the FCC, Spencer’s arrogance, and his idiot co-panelists.  Star Jones was like the hunchback from 300 – gross to look at and sabotaging the team from the rear.  If you make it through the awkwardness to at least the 3:25 mark, then Spencer must have already pissed you off 25 times.  He looks like he has a pope’s hat under his hair.  I thought the argument was going to end in a stalemate, but then (big surprise) Spencer pussies out and sends Al Roker an apology twitter.  He’s yellower than his creepy flesh-colored beard.  Heidi and Spence mentioned they have a new book out, right?  Did you miss that part?  Well, in case you did, here’s a review that describes the book as “pretty representative of America at its worst.”  The reviewer goes on to state, “They didn’t need to play the music of Britney Spears and REM for detainees at Gitmo, they could have just read a few pages from this book.”

So, in conclusion, fuck off Spencer, and I guess we’ll see you sometime before 2010.  The holidays are a time for peace and love.  Peace and love and…

Chiefs of the Week.


p.s. – Unbelievable that when I googled “flesh-colored beard” to find a link of Joel McHale ripping on Spencer, every google image result that came up was of Spencer and his beard.

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  • iceman

    I won't be truly thankful on Thanksgiving until Spencer throws himself off a cliff. Either that or when I bang Heidi.

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