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Smiling Facebook Photo Costs Woman Her Insurance

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Posted By: The Booze at 11:29 am

23 Nov 2009


MONTREAL (AFP) – Facebook can be a double-edged sword, a Canadian woman learned when an insurance company cut her health benefits, claiming she was healthy after seeing pictures of her smiling in bikini at the beach.

Nathalie Blanchard, 29, took long-term sick leave from her job at IBM in Bromont, Quebec, more than a year ago for severe depression. She was receiving monthly benefits from her insurance company, Manulife.

When Blanchard called Manulife to inquire why the payments dried up, the insurance company said that “I’m available to work, because of Facebook,” she told CBC television.

She said that Manulife cited several pictures Blanchard had posted on her social networking website page, including some showing her enjoying herself during a male strip-tease show at a Chippendales bar, celebrating her birthday and bathing in the sun.

If you are gonna be a schemer, you gotta cover your tracks. I should know. I have been a schemer all my life. I once “accidentally” submitted a spanish essay to my philosophy teacher. Since she was a slow grader, It bought me two weeks to finish the actual philosophy assignment. Why did I choose spanish? To cover my tracks: everyone knows that world language teachers dont hang out with philosophy teachers.

Facebook has become a big problem for schemers. Having an account severely jeopardizes our ability to hide the truth. I’m afraid of being tagged in compromising photos or receiving angry wall posts from that chick I gave herpes. Facebook security sucks as well. About a month ago my status would automatically update itself with colon blow advertisements. Not good for my image. So if you’re gonna fake depression, you can’t have pics of yourself smiling on the beach in a bikini. You should have filled your account with the most emo pictures available.

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