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Doctors Realize “Coma Patient” Is Actually Conscious…23 Years Later

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Posted By: The Booze at 9:00 am

23 Nov 2009

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- – A man thought by doctors to be in a vegetative state for 23 years was actually conscious the whole time, it was revealed last night. Student Rom Houben was misdiagnosed after a car crash left him totally paralysed.

He had no way of letting experts, family or friends know he could hear every word they said. ’I screamed, but there was nothing to hear,’ said Mr Houben, now 46.

Doctors used a range of coma tests, recognised worldwide, before reluctantly concluding that his consciousness was ‘extinct’.

But three years ago, new hi-tech scans showed his brain was still functioning almost completely normally.

Therapy has since allowed him to tap out messages on a computer screen. Mr Houben said: ‘All that time I just literally dreamed of a better life. Frustration is too small a word to describe what I felt.’

Mr Houben said: ‘I shall never forget the day when they discovered what was truly wrong with me – it was my second birth. ’I want to read, talk with my friends via the computer and enjoy my life now that people know I am not dead.’

I don’t pretend to know what Hell is like, but I imagine it is 10x better than what this guy went through. Imagine spending 23 years staring at the ceiling?  I can’t stare at a TV commercial for 30 seconds without changing the channel. Imagine being trapped in your head, unable to move or speak? It sounds a lot like high school detention, except detention only lasted one hour. This guy has been staring at the ceiling for my entire lifetime.


He probably spent the majority of those 23 years wishing he could kill himself. Instead, he has become living proof that you cannot die of boredom. I am happy for him that he can finally communicate with people and spend his time surfing the internet. Someone needs to tell this guy about BoozeWorthy, it will have him LOLing all day long…on the inside anyway.

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  • Chronic

    Demolition Man is like this but a little worse.
    Stallone was awake while cryogenically frozen, sat there for mad long.
    SO they gonna get this guy a chair and a comp like Hawking or what? he could be strollin around in no tme, doubt he wants to stay at the hospital

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