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Woman Cheats On Deployed Husband With Blow Up Doll, Keeps Sending Him Pictures To Rub It In

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18 Nov 2009

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DESTIN — She wanted to give him a glimpse of home. Lesan Gouge’s plan was to snap pictures of herself at various locations in Destin, and send them to her boyfriend Jeff who is deployed. Then, her innate sense of humor took hold and “Replacement Jeff” joined her in the photographs.

Replacement Jeff is a “high class” blowup doll, dressed in shorts, a striped shirt and a baseball cap. At about five-feet-tall with a painted on mustache, Replacement Jeff doesn’t resemble the real Jeff, but he’s great for the photographs.

“This one is so quiet,” Gouge said of the doll with a laugh. “He’s a good listener, and he doesn’t say anything back… he’s awesome – he’ll go anywhere you want him to go.”

The duo have posed together once a day since the real Jeff left. The pictures show them in a variety of locations including outside the grocery store with Replacement Jeff sitting in the cart, kayaking (Replacement Jeff was strapped in) and out to dinner.

Meanwhile, in the trenches, real Jeff sits traumatized and confused about the whole ordeal. “I just wants the pain to go away” he said in an exclusive interview with “I was already crushed at the thought of my girlfriend cheating on me with a plastic doll…but what I really don’t understand is why she has to flaunt it in my face with a new photo each day. I didn’t even know she liked mexicans, never mind plastic ones.”

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