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Does This Kid’s Joker Impression Make Him Cool?

In: Youtube

Posted By: The Booze at 9:00 am

18 Nov 2009

He does several more scenes here.

I was mulling over this decision for a while last night. I mean, it must have taken him weeks to perfect that impression. That seems a bit fanatical and…well…lame. However, if you’re going to post an impression on youtube, I’d prefer you do it right, and he was about as good as it gets. It would also be hypocritical for me to call this guy a loser because I am a huge Dark Knight fan myself. I think we can all admit that we’ve tried to impersonate the joker at some point in the last year. We should also consider that he does an awesome batman impression.

So with all of that taken into account, I’ve still decided this kid is a tool. Why?

- Is it because he filmed this in his parents’ bedroom (nobody his age should have that clean a room)? No.
- Is it because this is the first thing he did after work (I usually use my computer for something else)? No.
- Is it because he loves christian rock? Unequivocally Yes.

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