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5 Days until the Curb Finale…Are you caught up yet?

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Posted By: Doc Holliday at 12:30 pm

18 Nov 2009


I just watched “The Table Read” episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm, and it really was incredible.  It was great to see Jason Alexander and Michael Richards slip right back into character so smoothly.  On Sunday, we got to watch about a quarter show’s worth of Seinfeld material and every line landed beautifully.  There were plenty of surprise guest appearances and I hope they show us a lot more of the full show on the season finale next week.  I love the passive-aggressive hatred between Larry and George, and how that means Larry is essentially arguing with himself.   Here’s a link to a clip from the episode.  I’d post it here, but I don’t want to have to deal with those HBO bastards telling me to take it down off the site.

The show resonates so well with the 21+ demographic because we grew up on Larry and Jerry’s brand of everyday humor.  A couple years back, I was chatting with a buddy about taking the handicap stall in an empty restroom, but the whole time you’re in there you’re thinking about what your reaction would be if a handicapped guy confronted you on your way out of the stall.  Couple months later, Larry had that exact encounter in “The Bowtie.”  What real life Curbisms have you experienced?  Any that have made it onto the show?  Here’s one I had last Father’s Day:

I was eating dinner with the family at Longhorn Steakhouse in Franklin, MA.  Sometime before the entrees came out, I got up to use the restroom.  As I made the 25-foot walk over past the kitchen, I was scanning the walls for cool decorations that go hand in hand with these places (buffalo heads, steer horns, jackalopes, etc.) and simultaneously wishing I had a massive Moose head on the wall behind my basement bar.  With my mind wandering, I pushed open the bathroom door and immediately stopped dead in my tracks.  A 10-year old girl with long, blond curls had come walking out of the first stall – I had just made the faux pas of walking like an oblivious idiot straight into the women’s restroom.  I grabbed the door before it shut, now second-guessing myself, said to the little girl, “Oh, sorry did I just walk into the wrong room?” and looked at the sign outside the door…it said “MEN.”  Thoroughly confused, I turned back to the little girl and made eye contact as she walked toward me.  Suddenly, it dawned on me that this little girl was in fact a young, feminine, Swedish-looking boy with shoulder-length, curly, blond hair, and I had just accidentally created one of the most awkward brief encounters of my life.  I tried hopelessly to recover and offered a “What’s up?”  The young Swede simply stated, “I’m a boy,” and walked out of the restroom, leaving me to go piss into one of the urinals I had not noticed were there when I initially walked in moments before.  I spent the rest of my meal avoiding awkward eye contact with the child or anyone else at his table – a table which happened to be located five feet away from mine.

10% chance that kid walked out of the Longhorn and jumped straight into oncoming traffic, 100% chance that kid got a buzzcut by the end of the week, 110% chance I carefully read every bathroom door for the rest of my life so this never happens again.  Share below…

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  • jimzy

    One time, my wife broke up with me, and then to get her back, I offered her an acting role in a new sitcom I was doing. I haven't seen the new season of curb yet but it would be funny if that happened!

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