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Ladies and gents, we may have another Wicker Man on our hands…

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Posted By: Doc Holliday at 2:12 pm

17 Nov 2009

Filmdrunk – Review of the Bad Lieutenant: Nic Cage is a cop.  He starts off a good cop, presumably, and we catch up to him in the first scene when Hurricane Katrina is flooding the jail.  An inmate on the first floor begs to be let out so he doesn’t drown in the rising water, and Val Kilmer and Nic Cage just laugh at him.  Grumble though he may, and complain about ruining his expensive European underwear (true), Cage takes pity on the man and jumps down from the second floor into the snake-infested water to save him (we know the water is snake infested because Werner Herzog helpfully began the movie by filming a snake for a few minutes).  Cut to black. The next thing we know, we’re in a doctor’s office where the doc’s pointing to a spine X-Ray and saying Cage will have back problems for the rest of his life (complications from his water jump, we assume). There’s no cure and his only option is to manage the pain with pills.  Next we see Nic Cage get promoted to lieutenant.  And… that’s it!  That’s the entire setup for Nic Cage spending the next 115 minutes as a drug-addled, amoral, hedonistic, perverted, loose cannon.

If you’ve read this site for any amount of time, you’ve probably realized by now that we here at Boozeworthy are huge Nicolas Cage fans.  Not in the “wow, he was really good in Leaving Las Vegas” sense, but rather the “every line he delivered in The Rock was awesomely ridiculous” sense.  One of our favorite youtube clips of all time is the Wicker Man compilation.  And now that Bad Lieutenant has come out, it’s only a matter of time before someone gives it the same youtube treatment, and I promise we’ll be the first to post it when it happens.  In the clip above, a sleep-deprived, coke-addicted Cage suffocates an elderly woman by cutting off her oxygen tube.  Eerily reminiscent of this alternate Wicker Man compilation (#3) when he kicks the shit out of Leelee Sobieski.

Cage also has a coke-induced hallucination of an iguana singing “Release Me” by Johnny Adams at one point during the film.  He was recently asked whether he preferred iguanas or gerbils.  He pondered…


“Gerbils.  I like gerbils.  I am a gerbil.”

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