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Chief of the Week: John Cusack

In: Chief of the week

Posted By: Doc Holliday at 12:40 pm

17 Nov 2009


It was a slow week on the chief circuit, but at least Lloyd Dobler came through in the clutch.  I don’t have much in terms of nominations, so we’ll have to dig one up from the archives.  We’ll go with one of my all-time favorites – the Harvard Bar scene from Good Will Hunting when Will embarrasses the Michael Bolton lookalike.  Watching this video also reminded me that Matt Damon’s definitely going to butcher the South African accent in Invictus.  His Boston one just misses the mark a bit.

Now, let’s move on to this week’s champion, shall we?

This video comes from an MTV Films interview with Cusack and Amanda Peet.  They were doing press for 2012, and John was determined to talk about the movie and absolutely nothing else.  The interviewer’s a bit of a douchebag, but I’ll give him credit for making John Cusack squirm with a pretty clever stunt.  It’s not everyday that consummate professional actor John Cusack gets rattled during an interview.

Come on, Cusack.  Take it easy.  You’re neither famous enough nor a good enough actor to act self-righteous.  I’ve never seen anyone so embarrassed by a cardboard cut-out of a movie prop.  He was more spooked than a whore in church.  He owes his entire career to his 80′s successes, and he’s one of the only young stars of the decade to make it out with some semblance of a future in Hollywood.  He should be kneeling in front of a shrine of boomboxes, clay hamburgers, and birthday candles every night before he goes to sleep.

The movie he’s all uptight about is Say Anything.  And he’s right, the movie sucked.  But it sucked 80′s style, which means it was strangely awesome.  80′s movies are usually only good if you look at them relative to the ridiculous decade they were released in.  Johnny needs to embrace his past, just like Amanda Peet embraced frontal nudity in The Whole Nine Yards.  Speaking of Amanda Peet, isn’t she just adorable in that video?  Go here and thank me later (NSFW).

So in conclusion, Cuse.  Lighten up.  You’re supposed to be saving humanity from global extinction in 2012 right now.  How are we supposed to put our trust in a…

Chief of the Week?

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