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How is this Product Real? The “Mr. Moustache” Pillow

In: How is this real?

Posted By: Doc Holliday at 11:04 am

13 Nov 2009


The delightful Mr. Moustache pillow comes with four interchangeable velcro moustaches (Fu Manchu, trucker, gentleman, and salt ‘n’ pepper!) and a clear plastic storage pocket on the back!  Each velcro moustache is hand trimmed from faux fur, and each Mr. Moustache pillow is handmade in the s.e.d studio in Grand Rapids, Michigan! (via Geekologie)

I don’t know if Mr. Moustache is modeled after Freddy Mercury or the W.B. Mason guy, but I’d have no problem falling asleep with his impeccably groomed moustache gently grazing my cheek.  I imagine the moustaches smell like a mix of toasted leather and sex panther.  Just the way I like my moustache rides.


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