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Some incredible movie-themed home theaters. Which do you like best?

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Posted By: Doc Holliday at 11:50 am

12 Nov 2009

1.) “The Temple of Doom”


Features:  Nazi-loving monkey from the original Raiders of the Lost Ark, gold idol, 1/2 scale ark from Raiders, and replicas such as the Grail and a set of Indy-ish jacket, hat, whip, and torches.
Equipment:  The A/V equipment includes Lutron’s Grafik Eye system for theater lighting. Other than that, it has a big screen, NEC’s HT1000 projector, and custom painting.
More Photos:  Plenty, here and here.

2.) “The Death Star”


Features: 10 seats, automatic doors, twinkling star fields, backlit vintage posters, a wet bar with popcorn maker, and authentic movie props.
Equipment:  THX sound system (of course), HD big screen.
More Photos: 5 more, here.

3.) “The Titanic”


Features:  Plush carpeted setting and a flamboyant dome that flaunts 1,230 fiber optic light strands to enrich you with a night sky-like experience.
Equipment:  20-by-14-foot theater comes equipped with a custom-made 120-inch screen and Tru Audio surround-sound speakers entrenched in the room’s pillars and ceiling.
More Photos:  1 more, here.

4.) “The Bat Cave”



Features:  Literally, a bat cave.
Equipment:  n/a but who cares, this is awesome.
More Photos:   I had to include both.

5.) “Cyberdyne” (Terminator)


Features:  Futuristic theme with props, props, and more props.
Equipment:  Big screen, a projector enabling the viewer to watch movies at 159″.
More Photos:  2 more, here.

6.) “The Enterprise”


Features:  Big theater, bar area, and apparently “one of the largest kaleidoscope hard-drive based storage systems” in a residential installation. When they last counted there were eight servers with 3,816 DVDs. Even a red alert button that starts red flashing lights and tense music.
Equipment:  n/a
More Photos:  Plenty, plus other versions here.

7.) “The Matrix”


Features:  Green and black color scheme, multiple seating areas.
Equipment:  n/a
More photos:  here

Time to weigh in, folks.  I’m partial to the Temple of Doom myself.

Which Theater Do You Like Best?

Temple of Doom

The Death Star

The Titanic

The Bat Cave


The Enterprise

The Matrix

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(Thanks to SlipperyBrick and Bornrich)

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