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Man Wins $50 Million Lottery Jackpot With His Last $10.

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Posted By: The Booze at 9:00 am

12 Nov 2009


WINNIPEG, Manitoba, Nov. 10 (UPI)A Canadian stroke victim said Tuesday he plunked his last sawbuck down on the lottery ticket that made him rich to the tune of $50 million.

Lottery officials presented a tearful Kirby Fontaine of the Sagkeeng First Nation, northeast of Winnipeg, Manitoba, and his wife Marie with a symbolic oversized check.

Kirby Fontaine said he had been off work from his casino job after suffering a stroke several months ago and bought the winning ticket with his last $10.

“My community — everybody prayed for me,” Kirby Fontaine said between sobs. “This is hard for a stroke victim.” The couple, who have two children, had learned Saturday they had matched all of the numbers in Friday’s Lotto Max draw.

Talk about a feel-good story right there. The guy went all-in with a short stack and came out on top. Some would say that’s proof that miracles do come true. The story almost seems too good to be true… “A casino employee turned stroke victim struggles to financially support his family. He spends the last of his money on a pipe-dream lottery drawing only to win riches beyond his wildest dreams.” I give this story maybe 2 months before it is adapted into a Lifetime movie.

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