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This Asshole Is Making $85 Grand/Year Advertising On His Own T-Shirt

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Posted By: The Booze at 9:30 am

11 Nov 2009


NEW YORK (Reuters) – A T-shirt a day has kept unemployment at bay for an American man who is making about $85,000 a year byselling advertising space on his torso.

Jason Sadler, 26, a former marketing professional from Florida, founded his own company,, in 2008 with the idea to wear a T-shirt supplied by any company and then use social media tools to promote the firm.

For his human billboard service, Sadler charges the “face value” of the day so January 1 costs $1, while December 31 costs $365.

Sadler said this may not sound like a lot but it adds up to $66,795 a year if he sells out every day, which he did this year. He also sells monthly sponsorships for $1,500, adding another $18,000 to his income.

“I walk around, take photos, wear the shirt all day … I blog about those photos, I put ‘em up on Twitter, I change my Facebook profile … and then I do a Youtube video,” he told Reuters Television. ”I made about $83,000 this year.”

Jealousy…I never knew its true meaning until now. I’ve also never had the urge to punch a guy in the face based solely on his photo, but he’s managed to pull that one off as well. I am sorry to say that I can’t continue writing about this story. My blood is already boiling knowing that this asshole generates a ludicrous income by messing around with twitter, facebook, and youtube all day.

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    Freaking genius!

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