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Rachel McAdams Cast As Next Spiderman Villain…Yesssss

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Posted By: The Booze at 9:00 am

11 Nov 2009

rachelmcadamsblack cat

Soda Head - Rachel McAdams has been cast as the Black Cat for Spiderman 4. Rachel McAdams might not fit the sexy role the Black Cat plays in the Spiderman series, though McAdams is a gifted actress for a leading role in the fourth Spiderman film.

The Black Cat in Spiderman 4 will likely follow the Spiderman comic, where Felicia Hardy (the Black Cat), meets Spiderman while robbing a bank. Felicia Hardy becomes infatuated with Spiderman to such an extent she becomes a stalker.

However, Spiderman 4 is set up to be a two-villain film, though no word has been given about the second villain.

I don’t know who wrote this, but he or she is clearly an idiot. Rachel McAdams should be able to handle a sexy role just fine. Any seeds of doubt are simply the result of the lack of skin she has shown in her young career (I hear there’s a PG sex scene in The Notebook, but I refuse to watch that movie). This may be the movie role us guys have been waiting for. Not to mention, I’m getting really sick of Kirsten Dunst and her saggy tits. She had so much potential, but she blew it. Here are some PG pics of Rachel because that’s all I could find online…



Rachel McAdams


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