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Over 2 Million Defective Condoms Have Been Sold in China

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Posted By: The Booze at 10:00 am

10 Nov 2009


ChinaPolice in central China have closed a factory producing fake and unsterile condoms and are tracking down over two million of the unsafe contraceptives already on the market, state press say.

The condoms were made in a factory in Hunan province and are believed to have been sold nationwide under a variety of names, including those of well-known makers such as Jissbon and Durex, the China Youth Daily said.

Police have detained suspect manufacturer Li Anping, who allegedly bought condoms wholesale, added an unknown lubricant and crudely packaged them without sterilising the product, the report said.

Several underage girls worked in the now-shuttered factory, it added. Li allegedly produced up to 2.16 million condoms before the plant was closed down.

The chinese are a shady bunch. They have been ripping off popular brands for years. It seemed harmless at first, but now they are selling unsafe condoms under trusted brand names. In a country that is already overpopulated, this is not a good thing. Remind me to bring my own condoms if I visit China. I’m not trying to have an illegitimate half-chinese kid because I used some phony Durex. I don’t even want to think about a son with both the Irish curse and the Asian curse. The world is better off without that kid. That kid would be making videos like this.

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