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Brazilian College Student Expelled For Wearing Mini Skirt

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Posted By: The Booze at 11:15 am

9 Nov 2009

60 Short Skirt

SAO PAULO (AP) — A Brazilian university expelled a woman who was heckled by hundreds of fellow students when she wore a short, pink dress to class, taking out newspaper ads Sunday to publicly accuse her of immorality.

The private Bandeirante University in Sao Bernardo do Campo, outside Sao Paulo, said 20-year-old Geisy Arruda disrespected “ethical principles, academic dignity and morality.”

Arruda made headlines last month when she had to be escorted away by police after she tried to go to class wearing the mini-dress. She put on a professor’s white coat and left amid a hail of insults and curses.

Video of the Oct. 22 incident was posted on YouTube and picked up by Brazilian networks. Arruda has since appeared frequently on TV, saying she is struggling to return to normal life after being humiliated.

Wait, what? The other students heckled this chick for wearing a mini skirt?? Last time I checked, Brazilian chicks were the cream of the crop. What guy in their right mind would make fun of a chick in a mini skirt? Here in America if a hot chick wears a mini skirt she gets a thumbs up, among other things. Pictures of chicks in mini skirts after the jump…

mini skirt

mini skirt 2

mini skirt 3

mini skirt 1


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  • jimzy

    I remember one time this girl showed up to class in a bonerfyingly short skirt and I just got up and started a round of applause

  • tonybuy

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  • robertw

    Expelled? She should get an award!

  • Akshat Sh

    People are just jealous. Those who don’t have the bods or the guts to wear them, and the guys who can’t get it. Sick

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