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Would you join a pro-rape facebook group?

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Posted By: Alfred K at 11:35 pm

8 Nov 2009

NSW Minister for Women Linda Burney says she was “sickened” to learn that students from the University of Sydney had set up a pro-rape group on Facebook.

Ms Burney said the page on the social networking site, set up by students mostly from the all-male St Paul’s College, should be looked into by the University of Sydney.

“The idea that a group of young men that are going to become leaders within our community, leaders in the law, leaders in medicine, leaders in business, studying at an elite college, at an elite university, think it’s OK to post information like this encouraging rape on a website is absolutely abhorrent,” Ms Burney told ABC radio.

The Facebook page, which has since been shut down, ran from August until late last month.

OK, I’ve joined some stupid facebook groups in my time, from “Carrot Top Worship” to “How do I curb my farmville addiction???”, but really who is going to put their name behind a group like this. Besides, in Australia, everyone knows all the women are super easy to get in bed. If you are an Australian rapist you really should be joining a “I’m hella lazy, feel bad for me” facebook group, you dick.

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  • jimzy

    your defintiely a rapist if you tuck your jeans into your cowboy boots, no question

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