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One Hell of A Homework Excuse

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Posted By: The Booze at 9:10 am

6 Nov 2009

- A Rhode Island high school student is facing charges for leaving his homework at home.

Except it wasn’t his own home, but a house he and a classmate allegedly robbed. Police say the two 15-year-old Woonsocket High School boys skipped class Monday and broke into a house near school.

Lt. Eugene Jalette says after stealing some video game systems the boys grabbed their backpacks and headed back to school. But the homework of one boy, with his name on it, apparently fell out of his pack near a broken basement window in the house.

The suspects, whose names were not released because they are juveniles, were arrested later Monday at school and the stolen items were recovered.

These kids were busted by their own laziness, something I was known for as well. While other kids had folders for organization, I would just toss pieces of paper wildly into my backpack to save time and do a half-ass zip-up job (that sounds kinky). However, I would never have been caught in a situation like this. You never bring a backpack to the scene of the crime. You obviously leave that backpack in class to make it seem like you’ve been in the bathroom taking a shit the whole time. And if teach is collecting the homework you’re missing, say you ran out of toilet paper.

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