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Sex can cause amnesia

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Posted By: Alfred K at 6:36 pm

4 Nov 2009

It was either mind-blowing or completely forgettable. Either way, Alice doesn’t remember.

One August morning, Alice and her husband, Scott, had sex.

That’s when things became confusing. Rather than appearing pleased, Alice, 59, seemed disoriented.

As they lay in bed, Scott (the couple asked that their last name not be used) flicked on the television, which was showing the Olympics. This perplexed Alice. “Is there an Olympics?” she asked. This was during the Michael Phelps mania, when the swimmer seemed to be everywhere.

“Are you sure there is an Olympics?” Alice asked again.

Scott recalled, “I saw that something was wrong, so I asked her, ‘OK what day is it?’ “

Alice appeared even more perplexed.

“Who’s our president?” he quizzed.

“Bill Clinton,” she answered. This was 2008.

For decades, doctors described cases of a rare neurological condition that usually occurred in patients over age 50. Neurologists noted that patients knew their identities, but couldn’t retain recent memory, where they were and how they got there. They showed no other symptoms.

Sex is one of the major triggers for the baffling medical condition called transient global amnesia in which patients lose their ability to retain immediate memory.

A friend of mine was hitting on this girl dressed as a whale all of Halloween.  When he got her to bed and the lights came off, he figured out that she actually was a whale.  He should have pulled the ol’ Amnesia trick like Alice did in this CNN story.

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