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Space Hotel Hopes to Open by 2012

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Posted By: The Booze at 8:50 am

3 Nov 2009


BARCELONA (Reuters)A company behind plans to open the first hotel in space says it is on target to accept its first paying guests in 2012 despite critics questioning the investment and time frame for the multi-billion dollar project.

The Barcelona-based architects of The Galactic Suite Space Resort say it will cost 3 million euro ($4.4 million) for a three-night stay at the hotel, with this price including an eight-week training course on a tropical island.

During their stay, guests would see the sun rise 15 times a day and travel around the world every 80 minutes. They would wear velcro suits so they can crawl around their pod rooms by sticking themselves to the walls like Spiderman.

Galactic Suite Ltd’s CEO Xavier Claramunt, a former aerospace engineer, said the project will put his company ( at the forefront of an infant industry with a huge future ahead of it, and forecast space travel will become common in the future.

“It’s very normal to think that your children, possibly within 15 years, could spend a weekend in space,” he told Reuters Television.

When I first thought of traveling to space for a weekend I got excited. When I was a kid I loved space and thought astronauts were cool. However, the more I think about it, I don’t think it’s worth the money. The trip would be long and uncomfortable, the food would be freeze-dried, and I imagine it would be difficult to have sex without a gravitational pull, even though it happened in Moonraker. I imagine it would be hard to clean up afterwards.

This actually makes me wonder if anyone has had sex in space yet. We haven’t heard anything about it. If I had to guess, I would say no. I mean, if I were the first man to have sex in space I would brag about it all the time, wouldn’t you? I guess it’s because the majority of space missions haven’t had a female presence…oh God I just got the worst image in my head.

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  • Poor taste

    Yea i imagine when u go to pull out and skeet on her chest instead the glob would just go anywhere, and it would be all floating around like a feather and you gotta swipe at it with ur hand and stuff to get it down. talk about a sticky situation!

  • Sally Ride

    I never had sex up there, but that one time I diddled myself things went wrong…very, very wrong.

  • Chris Berman

    Commenting from beyond the grave? That must be a real challenge(r). ba dump ching!

  • The Jiggler

    THe Jiggler says this is great. Also, just because someone else may have banged first doesn't/won't ruin the thrill. First anal, first bj, first blumpkin, all possibilities, all jiggletastic.

    And lets not forget the fact that in Revenge of the Nerds how they fuck on the moonbounce and Betty loves that shit. Lets just say with crappy ol' gravity off my back. THe Jiggler would bang upside while doing a dice roll dance move and still be able to squirt the Jiggler unborn children right into the females mouth, or alternatively, have her do a Deep Space Homer, and have her do barrel rolls toward the jiggler homemade tartar sauce.

  • doc

    A whole new chapter would have to be added to urban dictionary for space sex. The Hundred Mile High Club? Deep Space 69? Space Head? Shuttlecock? Zero G-Spot? Rear Thrusters? This could go on forever people…

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