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It’s Friiidayyy…Break it Down! (B’s edition)

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Posted By: Doc Holliday at 9:21 am

30 Oct 2009

Tough loss for the B’s last night.  On the upside, I thought they looked really sharp at both ends of the ice.  We completed almost every short pass, cycled really well in the offensive zone, and controlled the puck for a dominant portion of the clock.  Bergeron and Krejci had great games, especially making plays off the boards and connecting on passes.  Bergeron was stealing pucks at will in almost every one-on-one battle he jumped into.  Sobotka looked great, and he had one shift midway through the second period where he saved a goal on a pass from Langenbrunner behind the net, and then made a great transition pass up ice that almost led to a Bruins goal.  He’s proving himself in the physical game as well, which is exactly what we need him to do to get our forecheck going.  Speaking of the forecheck, how about that aggressive system Claude Julien ran all night.  Even though we didn’t score enough goals, the defensive pinching was highly effective against a New Jersey team that didn’t seem ready for the pressure.  The Devils probably thought their old coach would stick with his trap defense, but ol’ Claude got all sneaky on them.  As long as the defensemen miminize the pinch mistakes like the one on the first goal, then I’ll love watching the aggressive forecheck all year long.  Couple other highlights include Thornton’s Dwayne Robertson alley-oop pass to Bitz, Paille almost Travis Roying himself halfway through the third but skating away from it, and of course Bitz’s mouth herpe.  Get that leak patched up in your pads Thomas, and we’ll catch you tomorrow afternoon.

“Lovelllyyyy is the feelin’ now,
Feveeerrr, temperatures risin’ now…”

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